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LANXESS stock performed very well in the first quarter of 2012, posting a 55% increase. The shares started the new year at €40, climbed back above €50 in February and continued to gain steadily, closing the period at €61.98.

The general mood on the stock markets was again rather more positive. Germany’s lead index DAX notched considerable gains in the first weeks of the year, surpassing 7,000 points for the first time since August 2011 and closing the first quarter at 6,947 for a gain of nearly 18%. The MDAX performed well in addition, gaining approximately 20% to 10,703 points by March 30. The Dow Jones STOXX 600 ChemicalsSM, which started the year at just over 500 points, also benefited from the more favorable sentiment on the equity markets. It again approached 600 points during the quarter and closed the period at 595 points, up by almost 16%.

Although the euro debt crisis remained the dominant topic on the stock markets, the underlying mood improved again, thanks mainly to the successful imposition of a haircut on Greek debt. The equity markets also welcomed the agreement reached at the end of the quarter to expand the eurozone bailout fund.

The more favorable climate supported the solid development of our stock price in the first quarter. However, company-specific news also drew a positive response, with the capital markets rewarding the release of LANXESS’s best annual results so far and the announcement of a promising start to the new year. LANXESS emphasized its confidence for 2012 and its intention to continue pursuing a path of growth in the coming years.

In addition, we reported in February on the successful placement of our first off-shore renminbi (CNH) denominated bond in Hong Kong with a volume of 500 million renminbi (roughly €60 million). We plan to use the issue proceeds to finance our operational business and our growth projects in China, thus underscoring the importance of our commitment to the Chinese market. Also in February, we announced upcoming capital expenditures of around €40 million at our Newcastle site in South Africa. This money will be invested to build a CO2 concentration unit from which we will in future supply the CO2 needed by the Leather business unit for the production of sodium dichromate at this site. This investment will eliminate the business unit’s reliance on external suppliers who have provided the CO2 up to now. The unit is due on stream in the second half of 2013. We are firming up the schedule for the planned construction of the Nd-PBR plant in Singapore, our largest worldwide. The groundbreaking for this new facility will take place in September 2012.

Buoyed by the brighter market climate and corporate news, LANXESS stock continued to perform well during the quarter, reaching its high of €63.80 for the period on March 23. Its strong gains clearly surpassed those recorded for the DAX, MDAX and DJ STOXX 600 ChemicalsSM in the first three months.

Stock Performance vs. Indices
Line chart: Stock Performance vs. Indices
    Q4 2011 Q1 2012
Capital stock/no. of shares1) €/no. of shares 83,202,670 83,202,670
Market capitalization1) € billion 3.32 5.16
High/low for the period 46.90/31.34 63.80/40.17
Closing price1) 40.00 61.98
Trading volume million shares 33.753 38.106
Earnings per share 0.06 2.32
1) End of quarter: Q4: December 31, 2011, Q1: March 31, 2012.
Reported Holdings of 3% or Above by Institutional Investors (as of April 12, 2012)
Dodge & Cox, San Francisco, U.S.A. 9.93%
BlackRock, Inc.1) 5.10%
Norges Bank (central bank of Norway), Oslo, Norway 4.94%
Fidelity1) 3.13%
Allianz Global Investors, Frankfurt, Germany 3.04%
1) The reported shareholdings include the interests held by several entities, all of which have submitted voting rights notices.


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